How to clear local storage in Google Chrome browser
Clear Google Chrome Storage

How to Clear Google Chrome Storage and Site Data for a Single Site

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Deleting site data, such as cache and cookies, is helpful for when a site is misbehaving. However, removing all site data in Google Chrome will sign you out of every website. Here’s How to clear local storage in Google Chrome browser?

If your embedded decision tree is not displaying correctly on Google Chrome, you may try to clear the local storage.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open the Google Chrome Console by pressing F12 key.

2. Select “Application” in the console’s top menu.

3. Select “Local Storage” in the console’s left menu.

4. Right click your site(s) and click clear to delete the local storage.

Go to a website that you want to delete the site data.

Click on the menu icon in the top-right corner and then select More tools > Developer tools (or you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+i [Windows and Chrome] and Cmd+Option+i [macOS] to open Developer tools).

Click the menu icon (three dots) and then click More tools > Developer tools.

After the pane opens, click the “Application” tab. If you don’t see the option, click the “>>” icon to reveal any hidden tabs and then click “Application”.

Click the Application tab at the top of the Developer Tool. If it's not there, click the >> icon to reveal any hidden tabs.

Once the tab opens up, click “Clear Storage” and then select “Clear Site Data” in the right pane.

Click "Clear storage," and then click "Clear site data."

If you only want to delete specific data, you can untick any individual options you want to keep underneath the “Clear Site Data” button.

Untick any points of data you don't want to get deleted.

After you click “Clear Site Data,” all data stored on your computer for that site will be deleted, and you will be signed out immediately. In order to reaccess your account, you will need to log in to the website with your login information.

That’s it. Repeat this process for any other website you want to delete the cache and cookies that are stored on your computer.